Decipher is a series of stand-alone stories exploring the dark side of humanity and examining society's perspective of technology.

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A new way to watch TV

Decipher will introduce you to unique interactive experience by giving you the power to dig deeper into our stories. By interacting with selective scenes, you will be able to expand your perception of the truth. It's a completely new way of experiencing TV which you won’t be able to witness anywhere else.

In-app rewards

Just like with in-game achievements when playing a game, you can win rewards when watching Decipher - except it's not a game, and the rewards are in the form of in-app token which is actually a cryptocurrency and NFTs 🤯


Our stories will take you into a journey to the dark side of human nature which we hope you will "enjoy". Just a fair warning, you might be feeling floored, gobsmacked, appalled, frustrated and/or shocked after watching each episode.


Be ready for unexpected plot twists, cliff-hangers and brain teasers

Dynamic Edition

Decipher will be available exclusively on our app this fall on Pc, tablets, game consoles and mobile devices. Pre-orders are open