In-app Tokens Reinvented

Cypher is a new kind of in-app token for Decipher and beyond

It's unquestionably not the next Bitcoin but definitely far more useful than Dogecoin

In Decipher

Unlock hidden scenes

After discovering them, you will be able to unlock hidden scenes and content by spending a small amount of Cypher

Collect unique items

Collect unique items planted in selective scenes by spending a small amount of Cypher.

You don't buy it, you claim it

Unlike other in-app tokens, you don't have to sell your house, car and a member of your family to buy this magic internet money. You can easily earn some in each episode.

Snap up collectibles

Collect rare items (junk we use for filming). Who knows, maybe it will turn out they are not useless items after all.

Invite your friends

Use your Cypher to invite your friends to watch the show. Not just because you are a good friend, but also to earn more Cypher for each time they earn rewards ;)

Get some CYPHER

You can try our fair launch event if you want to get some Cypher and invite some friends ahead of the dynamic edition release date

Serious stuff

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